We expect so much from hair extensions, yet we don’t always put in the work to take care of them. Hair extensions require work as they are not like our own hair. The better you take care of your hair extensions, the longer they will last.  With our own hair, we have natural oils that keep our hair healthy, but this is not the case with hair extensions . Heres a few tips on maintaining the quality of your extensions so you can reuse your extensions for multiple installs.


Once hair extensions are cut, they require much more care to make the hair last, especially semi-permanent hair extensions, because these hair extensions are worn everyday.


Your extensions should be maintained and cared for daily, you cannot wash and go. I've used my hair extensions for up to1 year and have reused them over and over. The key to my success has been taking care of the hair every day.

Here's some quick Tips for caring for your hair extensions:

  • Do not comb or brush the hair extensions while hair is wet. We highly suggest you air dry your hair until it’s 80% dry. Blow drying soaking wet hair will cause more damage than it’s worth, and blow drying too soon can just cause your hair to become frizzy again. However if your on a time crunch and ned to dry your hair asap 

    • Blow dry with a flat paddle brush: Make sure your brush has a mix between nylon and boar bristles to prevent breakage and steer clear of metal round brushes. Aim the blow dryer in a downward motion towards the hair, this will help lay the hair cuticles flat and prevent frizz from forming. 

    • Use heat protectant spray: While your hair is damp and after your hair is completely dry from blow drying, lightly spritz a heat-protectant onto your hair before you use a flat iron.

    • Flat Iron: Straighten one to two-inch sections of hair at a time with a ceramic-plated iron. Ceramic-plated irons cause less damage than other flat irons and straighten hair more quickly and efficiently than other straighteners. Make sure you don’t go over the same piece of hair more than three times, though. If your hair is not straight by the third time, it may be time to invest in a better straightener.

  • Never sleep with wet hair extensions. Always make sure the hair is dry and pulled up or preferably put into a braid to keep hair from tangling at night. 

  • Brush the hair with a hair extension brush several times a day. Be sure to brush properly, holding the roots to prevent pulling on the bonds/threads/tape. Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles if needed.

  • Use high quality hair care products but don’t overdo it, too much hair care product can cause build up and tangling over time. So you want to be careful with the amount of product you use. Never use any products containing oil, alcohol or ethanol as this can damage the hair extensions and also wear down on the adhesive. Try your best to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner as well as 100% natural hair products to keep hair extensions in good condition. 

  • When working out with hair extensions or swimming with hair extensions, be sure to remove excess sweat and chlorine after working out.

  • When using hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray! The more you use heat on your hair, the shorter the life-span of the hair extensions. 

  • Do not use a flat iron directly on the tape tabs. This will weaken the bond and they will slip out.

  • Co-wash with moisturizing conditioner from the mid-shaft to ends. Do not apply conditioner to your scalp when wearing tape in hair extensions.

  • use natural products such as coconut oil on the ends of the extensions to keep the hair healthy and shiny over time. 

  • Every 6-10 weeks, your hair extensions will need to be reapplied to revive your hair, tighten your extensions and to keep your hair healthy




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